Mycotoxin binder

What is DeviSafe?

DeviSafe is a mycotoxin binder with the ability to absorb mycotoxins in the gastro-intestinal tract. By bind ing mycotoxins in the gastro-intestinal tract, they form stable absorbent mycotoxin complexes which are excreted through the faeces.

By using a combination of ingredients, the synergistic effect means that the product acts better as one than all the individual components by themselves. By feeding DeviSafe in the diet, the effects of mycotoxins can be reduced significantly.

What are the benefits to the producer?

  • Composed of ingredients proven to be a winning combination in the complete detoxification of mycotoxins
  • Specially formulated so that it does not alter the dietary contributions of the minerals and vitamins within the ration
  • Research has shown DeviSafe¬ís capacity to bind multiple strains of mycotoxin

How is DeviSafe used?

DeviSafe should be fed at a rate of 100g/head/day for the first 7 days, then 50g/head/day thereafter.

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